The Hidrolinha team provides a personalized service to achieve success together with our customers.


Our technical knowledge, combined with the constant innovation of the products we sell, allows us to offer the most efficient solutions.


Automation Projects

With an extensive experience and
technical expertise, our team implements Industrial Automation projects.

We cover the entire process from the moment we examine our customer's specific needs, in order to provide our customers with the most efficient solutions.

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Hydraulic Stations

We design and develop Hydraulic Stations according to each situation's characteristics and requirements.

All our work is carried out in close collaboration with the customers, so that we can adjust our output to their needs and expectations.

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Technical Support

We provide after-sales technical assistance and preemptive reassessments to all kinds of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.

Our team travels to the customers' premises, providing them with convenient and streamlined on-site assistance.

24h Assistance: 917 245 618



Components Trade

We have a wide range of hydraulic components and pneumatic components.

We promptly respond to our customers' requests concerning hydraulic sealants, pneumatic sealants, pumps, engines, multipliers, valves, cylinders, control units, batteries, filters, pipes and fittings, winches, technical adhesives, standard and special production sealants.